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In Memoriam : Ian Manley

It is with a heavy heart that I Write to inform you all of the passing of Ian manley. He passed away this morning 4/1/2024 at around 9am at Charlton Memorial hospital. As many of you know he was battling some serious illnesses. He wanted me to reach out and let you know that he truly enjoyed the time he had with the club and teaching those that wanted learn. He was very fond of all his friends at the club and seeing all their great turnings. He wished you all the best and hopes that his love of turning has helped all learn. 

I want to thank the membership for the love and kindness that they have shown to my father over the years. It has been an honor to know you all and see the respect that he was given. We will be holding a celebration of life party this summer for my father and all members will be invited to attend and share in the celebration of this amazing man and turner.  

Daniel H Manley


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