Coffee Hour

Since November 2020 in our current pandemic, CCW has added a monthly Coffee Hour to our offerings.  We usually meet the third Wednesday of the month at 9 am via Zoom.  The purposes of the coffee hour are several:  to give turners a chance to connect more informally, a time to ask questions and get answers or resources from others, do a Show and Tell including our club challenges, and to gain insights from informally presented topics.  Recent topics included:  Taking Better Photos of Your Turnings with Your Phone/iPad, Organizing and Storing Your Shop Supplies, Dealing with the Center Nub, and Hollowing.


Join us with your coffee or tea to meet with turning friends, learn some new tips, and have fun!  Everyone is welcome!  Contact Robin McIntyre and we’ll make sure you get information on our upcoming Coffee Hour.

Clarke Buchanan--Cherry bowl and 5 dozen eggs.JPG
Mike Grady--Wild Flowers on tray 2.jpg