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Wooden Surface

Presidents Message

Hello fellow turners,

     As spring approaches, we can start to feel the pull of the great outdoors tugging at us. Before you venture out into the fresh air, stop for a bit and turn a handle for that garden trowel or make a garden dibble (that ice cream cone shaped tool with 1" grooves) to plant at the correct depth. Look around the neighborhood for F.O.G. wood (found on the ground). Take a deep breath and welcome Spring! Don't forget, when it rains, you can always head back inside to finish some of those projects that have been sitting next to your lathe all winter. Some of your roughed out bowls might be dry enough to finish. 

     On another note, I want to thank and congratulate all of you who participated in our goblet challenge. I was very impressed with the imagination and design of all the entries. And...they all fit on top of a quarter! We had a variety of sizes ranging from 1/2" tall to about 7" tall. Check out the photos on our website. I'll announce the next club challenge at the April meeting. Sharpen your gouges. Happy turning.

Don Chase


Don Chase


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