Wooden Surface

Presidents Message

     Every so often you come across a really nice piece of wood that you know will be perfect for that special turning.  As you check it out and prepare to mount it on the lathe, you notice the dreaded crack.  You do a careful evaluation of the incursion and decide that there is minimal risk in having the piece explode while you are turning.  As an experienced turner, you know that if there is a possibility of it breaking apart, that beautiful piece of wood goes into the burn pile.             After you decide to go ahead with turning this piece, you know that the reasonable safety precautions become more important.  Those include wearing a safety shield, being conservative with the lathe speed and stopping often to check the condition of the aforementioned crack.  A word of caution to the novice turner.  If you find a crack in a piece you are turning or want to turn, have an experienced turner evaluate it for you or consider it a contribution to your firewood.

Denis Turning.JPG

Denis Casaubon