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Meeting Minutes

Cape Cod Woodturners

Monthly Meeting Minutes April 3, 2024

Attendees: 30 members present and 21 virtual members on Zoom.

President’s welcome/demonstration:     

     Don Chase welcomed members to the hybrid meeting at which Dave Arnone, demonstrated turning a bowl from an Australian Red Mallee burl blank.

     In Memoriam: Don Chase shared the news of the death of Ian Manley. He passed away on April first, 2024 after battling health problems. His family shared that he truly enjoyed CCW, teaching woodturning, his wonderful friendships and seeing all the turnings. He wished you all the best and hopes that his love of turning helped members learn.

     Wood Raffle, Club Supplies: Thank you Clarke Buchanan for hosting the wood raffle and supply sales on the “back table” with proceeds benefiting club activities.

     Safety Tip on cyanoacrylate glue (CA): Tom Gerhard stated woodturners like CA glue because of its versatility – gluing parts together, reinforcing a defect in the wood, as a finish on pens, and so forth. Clarke had an article in the January Newsletter covering usage tips. The same things that make CA awesome also make it dangerous. Read Richard’s handout which details the precautions you should take and the first aid info in case something goes wrong. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), especially safety glasses, and gloves if there’s a chance of it contacting your skin. Beware of fumes, especially from the accelerator. A power respirator may suck the fumes in and concentrate them, and respirators used in woodwork generally do nothing for the fumes in this material. Beware of flying glue, even if you use an accelerator. Drops may fly once you start the lathe, and you want to be out of the line of the fire. Wear eye protection. Have a de-bonder in case you glue your skin together or to something. De-bonder will chemically alter cured CA to make it lose its adhesive property.

     Coffee Hour: Tom Gerhard announced Coffee Hour is on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 9 AM. On April 24, 2024, the topic is “Jigs”. Upload your photos beforehand. Share topic ideas with Tom, Ed Putnam, or Jan Brown.

     Salt & Pepper Shakers: Ed Putnam shared that he and Ed Weingarden are coordinating a group order for Chef Specialties salt/pepper grinder mechanisms with significant discounts. Please contact Ed Weingarden at or 860 794-4848 if interested in placing an order.

     Programs: Dave Arnone provided the following information: We are planning a Turn & Learn class within the next few months, contact Dave to sign up. We will start a Fundamentals of Turning class at the Cultural Center later in April. Contact Dave or go to the Cultural Center of Cape Cod website to sign up. The April 17, 2024 Mid-Month Activity is on finishes and wet sanding. Contact Dave to sign up. Holly Berry Bazaar: a representative from the Cape Cod Hospital Auxiliary will speak at our May meeting on the upcoming November 2024 bazaar that benefits services at Cape Cod Hospital.     

     CCW Brochures: Robin announced the club brochures are available for community events and are kept in the locked cabinet outside the Maker’s Room at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod.

     CCW Women in Turning: Robin McIntyre shared the following information. Three members met at Lucy Amaral's on March 30th to turn candle holders. The WIT exhibit, with 15 participants, is at the Falmouth Public Library, 300 Main Street, Falmouth, daily from April 1-26, except Sundays, 10 AM - 4 PM. Thank you, Mary Orr, for helping Robin with the display set-up. The next WIT gathering is April 27, Saturday, 8:30 AM – 12 PM. All are welcome, please RSVP. Watch your email for details TBA.

     Baggies with Gauze: Robin offered these items to members for their shop first aid kit.

     CCW and Barnstable Land Trust (BLT) Partnership: Robin McIntyre shared the following: Robin was at the BLT Fuller Farm property in Marstons Mills with a community group when she inquired about their pile of cut cherry. Through Robin, CCW connected to the BLT when Sue Sullivan, Director of Communications and Programming, said that they were hoping to find a partnering group that would utilize the wood for something other than firewood. Robin shared about CCW and in December 2023, Don Chase and Robin met with BLT Land manager Kelly Barber to tour the property and discuss a partnership. Soon, Don, Clarke Buchanan, Bob Reynolds, and Robin met at Fuller Farm with Kelly, four of their land steward volunteers, and an Ameri Corp volunteer to load up two trucks with wood. The wood was off-loaded, sealed, and stacked at Clarke's house. This wood is part of the wood pick-up on April 6, 2024. In exchange, we offered to donate turned items (garden dibblers) for their land steward meeting in May. The items will be given as door prizes to the volunteers. CCW will partner with the BLT in the fall for a demonstration and Show and Tell in the Fuller Farm barn.

     Garden Dibblers for the BLT: Clarke Buchanan provided members with 30 pieces of cut wood for turning garden dibbers to be donated to the BLT for their generosity in provided wood to our club. Members were encouraged to take a piece or two to turn and return the finished product.

     Come and get it wood pick up: Clarke Buchanan shared the following: On Saturday April 6, 2024 from 10 AM to 1 PM, with a Rain Date of Sunday 7, 2024, Clarke will hold a wood sale of cherry, maple, cedar, ambrosia maple, some blanks, and some flatwood. It will be held at his home at 345 Mistic Drive, Marstons Mills. Clarke will brew coffee and buy some cheap sweets from BJ’s The shop will be open for tour if you haven’t seen it already. If you do not have a band saw, Clarke will cut blanks to order for you. See you Saturday morning.

     May Club Challenge: Don Chase challenged members to turn either a square or rectangular or 3-point bowl. It can be large or small or thick or thin. The 3-point bowl is more difficult to turn, and I would hope that some of our more experienced turners would rise to the challenge. Extra credit to those that include an embellishment. Get ready to turn some air as there is plenty with these challenges. Just remember, faster is better when it comes to turning with voids. The challenge is on.


     Technical Support: Thank you, Dave Arnone and team members, Tom Gerhard, Tom Pendleton, Mike Grady and Ed Putnam for your technical expertise and amazing support in making a virtual meeting possible. Thank you Sandy Arnone for photographing the Show and Tell pieces at tonight’s meeting.


Deborah Chapin

Secretary, Cape Cod Woodturners

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