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Are you looking to improve your wood turning knowledge and skill? What ever your training needs, we are here to help!

A primary focus of our club is to provide educational opportunities that develop a better understanding of wood turning, promote safe turning practices, and hone our skills.

We offer members instructional and mentoring opportunities.

The content provided in our instructional programs is presented by experienced trainers and is based on comprehensive research, study, and analysis of the tools, processes, materials, and current "best practices" employed in the field. Instruction is provided in both individual and small group formats. Options are available to address the needs of all turners from beginner to advanced.


The following four instructional formats are currently available:

More casual mentoring opportunities are available as well. Mentoring is provided by both instructors and experienced club mentors, and provides guidance on specific turning issues or project work. Members seeking assistance on developing a specific skill are referred to a club mentor who has demonstrated skill in that particular area. Arrangements can be made for both short and long term mentoring.

Additionally, the club offers Sawdust Sessions which are designed to provide topic specific instruction for a small group in a single session.


Dave Arnone

Instruction & Mentoring Coordinator

Mike Grady.jpg

Mike Grady

Instruction & Mentoring Coordinator

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