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10 Buck Chuck

So I was working on a project with the Cape Cod Woodworkers, and mentioned I was looking to get an angled drill to use for my power sanding of bowls and platters. My cordless drill was getting pretty beat, and I wanted a corded device in any case.

I happened to go to an estate sale around the corner from me, and there it was, an old, but well made angle drill in working condition. I haven't looked into how old it is, but it's very well made, and runs really well. It's got quite a bit of heft to it's all metal construction, and feels great in my hand. The company is still making tools, mostly for the industrial market. The best news was that the seller wanted only $10 for it.

It took a while to figure out how to store it, but a little scrap wood and a small bungee took care of it. Very happy addition to my shop. Pays to stop at these sales now and then!


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