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When I retired, after working for over 40 years as a forest entomologist for Penn State and the USDA, I needed to find another pursuit. I have always done some woodworking (flat work), but when I retired one of my friends suggested that I attend one of the Cape Cod Wood Turners meetings when they were still held at the West Barnstable community facility on route 149. I believe that the first night I attended Jim Silva was demonstrating and I spoke to several members during the break. I was instantly hooked, and knew that with the club members I would have plenty of support to learn. I don’t remember how long it took me to find a lathe to purchase, but I had turning tools from a great uncle mostly made out of old files and pieces of tool steel. Currently, I turn a variety of things and like to learn new techniques. I really “enjoy” learning more about wood, its identification, properties, and grain patterns and how to handle it from tree to finished piece. Hopefully I can add some value to the Board of Directors and the club.

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