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I am pleased to recognize Sandy Karbowski as our Member Highlight. I have had the pleasure of visiting Sandy’s shop and turning with him frequently. While a relatively new member to our Club, Sandy has been a very active member, participating in the Turn and Learn program, helping with the Rise & Shine program, and he participated in both the JFK initiative and a number of the club exhibits. I recently had an opportunity to pose a few general interview questions to Sandy about his turning experiences and the following is a compilation of the thoughts he shared.

Sandy turns on a Nova 16-24(44) which he recently upgraded adding a digital variable speed control. Sandy notes that he finds woodturning, “very relaxing and gratifying”; and enjoys the entire process, from the cutting of blanks with his chain saw to the actual turning and finishing of his pieces. While he particularly likes turning bowls, he also enjoys, pepper mills, lidded boxes, and ornaments. I can also attest that he turns a fantastic magic wand, a demo I hope we can convince him to share with the Club one day.

When asked about his preferences with finishes, Sandy noted that he likes to use Mahoney’s Walnut oil and wax on his bowls but prefers a quicker finish like triple E and friction polish on ornaments and boxes.

Sandy also expressed appreciation to Mike Grady who recently shared a formula for a tung oil – spar varnish and mineral spirts mix which he tried on a pepper mill with good results. Sandy shared that he does not actively pursue sales but does sell some of his pieces commissioned by word-of-mouth referrals. Sandy also has shown and sold his work through participating in Club exhibits at the Cultural Center.

When asked what he most enjoys about the Club, Sandy responded, “The camaraderie of the membership is great. The learning opportunities are super. Before moving to the Cape, I never belonged to a turning club. I was loaded with self-taught bad habits. Since joining, my turning abilities have grown immensely, and I now enjoy sharing some of what I learned through the Turn and Learn program in the club.”.

After completing the Turn and Learn program we asked Sandy to join as one of the program mentors and he has been a great assist to fellow participants ever since, sharing not only his knowledge but his enthusiasm and passion for turning. Sandy has also served an assistant with the turning classes offered at the Cultural Center. His willingness to share his time and skill in mentoring is most appreciated.

I asked Sandy if he had any thoughts he would share with new turners joining the Club, and he responded, “I would highly encourage any new turner to join and become involved in this club. Take advantage of all the learning opportunities and the knowledge that members are willing to share. I spent my first 10 years doing very basic turning and learning very little. I learned more in my first year at CCWT than I did in my first 10 years of turning.

Thanks, Sandy for a great interview and for all that you contribute to our Club.

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